Our Vision

Vision Statement:


A Community that’s Localized.


The Pledge:

The Pledge of Fort Bragg Local Economy Center is to preserve urban homesteading, heirloom arts and homemade goods in our geographical region to localize our community.

Mission Statement:

Mendocino Made Local

: We locally source handmade goods for our perpetual mercantile to ensure an more generative community. One that promotes the value of goods produced from its own geographical region. We wish to instill in our next generation and more a larger appreciation of handmade goods, heirloom arts and the amazing art of urban homesteading.

The Center for Heirloom Arts

will be an independent locally run center for locals to teach heirloom,homesteading and other “grandmother” arts to our community.

Nor Cal Seed Bank

would be provided to this community for the sole purpose of bringing a one stop shop for organic and heirloom seeds from our regional area and beyond.

Fort Bragg Share Space will be provided to help our communities businesses run more professionally without a brick and mortar space, we will provide a Co-Work space for young working people and conference areas for all.

Overall our work reflects a commitment to this community of a living localism rather than consumptive consumerism.

and i made the paper todayhttp://www.advocate-news.com/ci_24611591/spirit-thanksgiving-empowers-lives-at-food-bank?IADID=Search-www.advocate-news.com-www.advocate-news.com

I am in the power of positivity section of the season of sharing article this week


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