Managing the NPO

I just finished reading Peter F. Drucker’s Book called Managing the Non-Profit Institution.

That was a great book, I have learned a lot about non-profits, their overall mission in society and how they affect the world as a whole.

I came up with a few conclusions myself and want to share my insights with you.I broke them down to volunteer notes and tidbits that I plan to use for the Fort Bragg Local Economy Center.

Here goes;

What makes a community? Not just sharing a common geographical region.

A community is based on the work of its non-profits. Of its time their volunteers take to implement the npo’s vision for that community and in their success rate of doing so. Of its ability to empower our citizens to be volunteers for a cause that not only benefits themselves and their self fulfillment but also benefits the community as a whole.

Non-profits in Mendocino County can come together at Fort Bragg Local Economy Center and incubate on how to better our region and every community inside of it. From Localizing our food supply our water supply and all our locally produced goods and services to where they are NEEDED not wanted the most.

We are not the only organization in Mendocino County that wants localization, so we know that with the help of other non-profits with the same vision of this community that we can change it together for the better.

And more importantly with the power of community volunteers our organization can be strong with the ability to work in numbers for a common goal of localization.

To volunteer is to give by choice, or offer of ones own free will. And by no means are we asking more then what you are capable of. Every volunteer will be evaluated according to skill and performance to determine tasks and assignments.

We plan to both nourish and nurture our volunteers. Every single volunteer to the person who gives 5 minutes of their time to the person who volunteers and teaches full time is an asset to our organization and will be treated as such. To Nourish means to feed and promote life and to nurture is to rear and train, we will do both in a way that molds our volunteers to be representatives of our organization and ambassadors of our vision in our community.

We are going to reward our volunteers with more responsibility, giving them roles in the community that pushes their limits and giving them more self-confidence in their lives.

Volunteer Break-Down

10-20 hours a week- you are a volunteer Recruit

20-30 hours a week- your a volunteer Intern

30-40 hours a week- Your a teacher/Local representative

Teachers will show interns how to manage tasks and give them the tools to succeed. Interns can then get help from recruits to complete tasks and assignments.

Teachers will give monthly reports on the progress of interns as will interns give periodic evaluations of the teachers. Teachers can take all disputes/ conflict to CEO which will then decide if it must be taken before the board.

Non-Profit Organizations are like a church in a sense that the volunteers, Staff, Employees, and management are all patrons to a good cause for the community and representatives of such.

I will update again when I have figured out more, currently this drove me to create a powerpoint presentation on the Value of Volunteers for a NPO which i will try and make available soon.


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