My Start-Up Timeline

I wanted to put my start-up into perspective.

Some people may think that it is easy to start a business, but it takes a lot of preparation and hard work.Not only the list I am about to share but the following things led me to this business.

I been an Artist my whole life I have worked and trained in the sector of owning my own gallery and working in the arts. I have always been a creative driven person, I think those motivations really help to be an entrepreneur, being driven and creative. And of course above all being resilient and willing to change. That’s also very important.

Anyways here is my Timeline ( unrehearsed typing, meaning not off notes today.)

July -Applied For West Company Online

August -Started working with West Company,decided that I wanted to do a Made Local Marketplace and started outline for business plan

September-Finessed Plan,Research into Location, Started Networking making in-town connections and street interviews on store and location. 

October-Finessed Plan, More Research into Location, More Networking, Started internet connections,Started Financial projections,

November-Almost done with Plan, Visiting Location, Designing store,interacting/ interviewing with newspaper, community outreach both online and on foot, Financial Projections Done, Consignment Agreement done, Vendor inventory sheets complete, Volunteer Application done,Donor/Volunteer How to help list complete, ‘Maker’ Flier redesigned,Started Start-Up Fundraising Efforts

December-Finish Plan, 99% done right now.Distribute Flier for Makers. Distribute how to help fliers to potential donors and volunteers,  Prepare Maker Packets to distribute, Fundraising efforts in full force now and ready to launch Kickstarter fundraising website.

Jan 2014-Continue Fundraising Efforts until I reach $10-20,000 and start rent on location to start designing store, Have makers turn in packets to pre-opening “Stocking Party” where we can all work together to design a great layout for your products, Finish Design of Co-work space and Heirloom Center and Seed Bank and Start planning Grand Opening. Have a local artist paint a donation mural inside and have all elements into place.

Febuary 2014-Plan and execute an amazing grand opening for The Mendocino Made Local Marketplace.

I hope and pray I can execute Dec-Feb and I believe I can. I got this far, correct!?!?


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