Another Day in Paradise

ImageMerry Christmas to me, 

I just lost my whole usb drive and not in the sense that i cannot find it, no its right in front of me in my hands and my stupid F****ed up laptop messed up all my documents, years of work for this business idea…all my research into the demographics of this area, all my notes and photos and documents that I have been working on since 2010.  All my Junior College Marketing work, all my JC homework, all my life-WORK<GONE!!!! so another day in paradise, here and today I am recovering my whole life, one document at a time. Giving up is for Losers. Success comes to those who DO, and I will redo all my work and it will probably be better. Anyone can recommend a USB drive that doesn’t ever let a computer mess it up? I guess its Cloud Data from now on…


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