New Years Resolutions

This Year will be a year of CHANGE, and GROWTH. 

I just recently had an interview with some prominent people in my community about my business idea, they gave me really good advice.

So I have concluded that I need to Focus better and only go for 3 of my ideas, the Mendocino Made Local Marketplace, the Heirloom Arts Center and the Nor Cal Seed Bank. 

My newest goals is simply to get makers signed up for the store, find a smaller rent for a start-up location and just keep a binder of ideas for the heirloom center classes. I am also going to start compiling a list of local seed companies for the seed bank. I am going to see if i can outsource a seed bank wall at a different alternative location to start out somewhere established.

So basically I cut out the Co-work idea, people in Fort Bragg are already working on one at the old MendoWorks building, I also put my ideas of an TimeBank and Local Economy Center on the Back-Burner so to say, I think that I am being overambitious and overzealous basic traits of a Gen Y Gyspy…just read


Now that I know I am not Special anymore…lol I know that I have to work hard to prove to everyone else that I can make this business happen with realistic goals and expectations. So my Consultant/business guide asked me to make a 5 year plan and then break it down to next year and each year after for 5 years…2018…time to make some realistic goals and actually be successful in completing them. Elijah is 3 now and in 5 years he will be 8 years old and in school and starting his little educated life…where will we be? where will I be living? How will I be living? 

All I know is that besides the struggles everyday and all the planning I am going through, I will Commit to this Made Local Marketplace even if i am just doing the Fort Bragg Farmers Market for a venue next spring, so I will be set in my goal i made for myself a long time ago, to own my own business by 25 years old,…well my 25th birthday is in 11 days and I am getting some artists together, perfecting my business plan , trying to promote my fundraising website and just trying to Manifest good things and happiness for my little homesteading family..Merry Christmas everyone..


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