Self Inflated Image Crafting

So I have been looking into the basic uses for social media lately and a new term has come to me “image crafting”, 

Urban Dictionary defines it as :

1. facebook image crafting
Glorifying your life by creating it to be something it is not through staged pictures, posts, and statuses. Faking your life and not being authentic about your feelings and situation on social media.
She and her boyfriend broke up. She has been crying for two weeks even though she posts like her life is great. She is the queen of facebook image crafting

Have you seen him? He facebook image crafts like he is at the gym every day, but that dude is fat.”

Those examples are from Urban Dictionary, kinda extreme, but it makes a point.
heres a few articles about image crafting that I found very interesting, all leading back to The Gen Y article and author of Wait but Why a blog I just found, I guess we are starting to mass analyze our generation to try and figure out how to be happier people…go figure.
So even after learning this I find myself being the queen of Facebook image Crafting, I have an arts page and page of 350 people (no strangers) that followed me because of my accessibility to have good organic food on my plate and post about it…yes i said food.
That’s some sort of Narcissism, yes but educating the uneducated on the good accessibility of organic cheap food in my neighborhood does a service to the public…right…lol and my art page…self inflating my entrepreneur-ism and showing off my ability to make something out of nothing was narcissistic, yes but again, showing people that even homeless you can create your own reality and manifest goodness is all I was REALLY doing…
So even though I have already posted my whole life story to be authentic (its the first post on this blog titled From Dreams to Reality)…yes more narcissism, I have come up with the following for my Y generation to generally stick by on the internet, because when I searched google on “vowing not to image craft”, i came up with nothing, so here goes: 
Self Inflated Image Crafting on Social Media 
What Can we do about it?Easy as 1,2,3..
Stop doing those things, we all want enlightenment, we all want self-validation, and acceptance, but is Facebook or Twitter the best way to get those things…think about it..
Stop posting just the wonderful awesome things that happen to you and your family, post up some bad stuff too like when you loose your cat or dog too not because you want sympathy but because thats REAL LIFE. which brings me to number 2.
2. BE REAL: no one wants to hear self-inflated bullcrap, so save it for your diary..the actual pen and paper diary not your blog either..
Tell the Truth, it will set you free. 
3. Be authentic: the age of not being honest on the internet,is over…I grew up with parents telling me to never go online and tell people who I really am, Try to do that Anonymous thing now and your driven off the internet by a mob of people who want to know who you are,…so i concluded that letting people know who you are and what you stand for is the only way we can be authentic on the internet….wait is that more image crafting….?
I am not trying to claim to be some marketing guru, or even expert on my generation or even image crafting, but I see it, I know you see it everywhere around you and on all the social media sites, yea every single one. I know that it is a epidemic that we as a generation with a lot of authentic voices can take over the internet, and change the way we look at social media and approach it with less image crafting and more REAL TALK. I feel like confessing all the horrible embarrassing things in my life and seeing what actually happens..i am assuming nothing, because nothing will happen for all us unhappy Gen Y Narcissistic people unless we actually change, I know I shared the Social Media Anxiety Disorder Book but I fear that its actually a True thing, what would happen if our whole generation UNPLUGGED and actually tried to LIVE and BE with the people that we love and not be Self inflating on social media all the time, all I want is a cabin in the woods with WIFI, should not be our generational dream, we should stop merely at cabin in the woods, I don’t know how we can do it, more social gathering outside of our social media sites maybe more grange halls and youth farmers market participation and youth community participation maybe, I certainly don’t have all the answers and I even know that this post will only be seen by the people I promote it to via social media…its certainly not anything I know how to fix..and even today I got from my family the remark “Are you going to get off that thing and CLEAN yet?” meaning my laptop…I am certainly not a poster child for not image crafting and trying to figure out my identity through the social media interactions that I make…But really what can we and what will we do about it…Will we all Unplug and make homegrown guilds and farmers associations and our own priced goods and services without the help of the internet? The Sharing Economy is nothing new and it is growing fast but what can we actually do from behind our computer screens….nothing at all, except throw a few words someones way and hope that someones listening or cares..I had a question given to me in an art assignment in high school “what are you most afraid of not having before you die” and most people had very specific answers and mine really encompasses the generation Y feeling I have all the time , my answer was “Acceptance”.. that’s all we need as a generation is to just feel validated right, how do we do this without the internet validating our every move and thing we say…maybe you can help me figure it out.. until then I am going to keep trying to find Makers and Artists for my store from behind my computer screen because I don’t have a car to get to the farmers markets and meet them myself…..boy I have an excuse for everything…Delusional Gen Y Gypsy Syndrome…can I get Ritalin for that?J/K



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