Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Blogger, soon to be small business owner,herbalist….

 I have come to the conclusion that the only way for me to get support is to continue to be as authentic as I can online, so here it goes;

I am a mother first, a wife second, an entrepreneur third, an online social media personality fourth and now to be a business owner.. you have no idea what it means to be all those, unless you are those yourself.

Here is a quote from another mother/wife/blogger I had to share with this blog post, although it may be christian and religious based, the overall feeling of how she puts this is how I feel. 

From Musings of a Minister’s Wife on Facebook: “Parents, don’t forget that you are the most important thing (next to God) in your child’s life. They want you in their life! And they NEED you in your life. Be active. Spend time with them. Don’t buy into the “Me, Me, Me” society that we live in and don’t allow them to either. Once you have a child, you don’t have that full-time selfish privilege anymore. Yes, by all means, take some time for yourself. But your children are more important than yourself. As Christians, we are supposed to be self-less, not self-full. I’m 36 years old, and I still want my parents’ love and affirmation. That will never go away, regardless of the relationship that we had/have with our parents. It is innate and deep within us. Yes, your son/daughter may be a child right now and they will make you angry. They will disappoint you. They will break your heart. But remember that, first and foremost, they are WEAK FLESH, just like you are. They have to be trained on how to be strong in the Lord. Extend grace. Extend mercy. Recognize that at the heart of “discipline” is “disciple”. You will be held accountable before God for how you parent. Your children are your talents! (Matthew 25:14 for the Parable of the Talents)

Speaking to myself. This parenting gig ain’t easy.”

As an aspiring mother, my selflessness has more and more increased everyday my son gets older, as I realize my role as a mother and wife, my responsibilities grow as does the weight on my shoulders to do the right thing. For one thing, my son has never seen me unhappy from slaving away from a job I didn’t want. He’s never had to wait up for me to come home from a cubicle or a waitress job, tired and unhappy. 

Instead my son has seen me struggle since he was a baby to sell artwork, with him always at my side.ImageImage

Humbled, Humiliated and with some pride that I was selling my own stuff to live, and never giving into having him being babysat and trying to pay for it with a part time job. When he went to daycare, I went to the Santa Rosa Junior College to get my art business off the ground and to study marketing my artwork. I figured out I would never be happy to sacrifice my morals to work at a big bad corporation or gmo taco bell.

My son grew up at the farmers markets with me selling artwork from the ground up. From inside my arms to a stroller to standing there at my side, he has always known I love what I do, I love selling art. 



Now, in Mendocino County, I want to continue to show him what I stand for. The selflessness of being an entrepreneur or being a struggling artist has no words, you cannot know how hard it is, unless you have been on a st corner selling your artwork. 

Being a mother to a toddler, living off grid, not having a car, these things just make me more resilient. More qualified to run a co-op or a non profit that is for the artists by the artists. For localization and small business morals, every time I am asked ” How are you to do this store” or even I think it is impossible, I always remember everything I have been through as an entrepreneur/artist. 

All those days that I felt like leaving the house without any artwork and giving up and start to turn in applications for jobs to be away from my son, I never gave up, I stayed outside for hours with artwork till it was sold, or I made enough for the day. I struggled, I am struggling with a child at my side, and not much to show for my efforts yet. 


I feel that if I continue to publish my challenges of making this business happen and being all of the above at the same time, well maybe one day someone will recognize my efforts and help me FUND this enterprise. In the meantime I am now off to start an awesome power point to prove that fort bragg needs a made local store and every city in the world needs a made local store!

Please spread the word about localization in your city and if you have not a made local store in your town please make one, ill soon have awesome blueprints for anyone to follow and a powerpoint on slideshare. IN the meantime please help me FUND the 1st 100% made local store in Mendocino County the Mendocino Made Local Marketplace and contribute just 5$ here and you could be a part of a local movement, that will help our children have a better understanding of the morals we want them to have, like creating and making and buying local!!




2 thoughts on “Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Blogger, soon to be small business owner,herbalist….

  1. sasheenarain

    Your story makes me feel so emotional, your strength, your passion, your perseverance! A true warrior. I admire you. I hope life leads you down a fruitful path to peace and happiness. You’re doing such a good job, as an entrepreneur and a mother.

  2. how to become an entrepreneur

    You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually something that I think I would never understand.
    It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me.
    I am looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!


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