My Dream…

 I have a Dream,

That every person realizes their potential,

knows their own capabilities

and strives to be self-sufficient.

I have a vision,

that were all Makers

and empower ourselves

to create a world of our imagination.

Makers unite. Creators combine. Innovators alike coming together.

Fab-Labs, Maker-spaces, Made local stores,

tech-labs,hacker-spaces, Shareable,

Co-work spaces, Time Banks, Grocery co-ops,

Business Co-ops, Granges, guilds,

Art co-ops, Maker Fairs, Kinetic Carnival, and more.

All Emerging to change this economy

from consumptive consumerism into,

a BETTER vision,

a better life,

a better future,

and a world of sharing,

creating & thriving,

innovating & dreaming,

imagining & most of all


inspired by



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