FUNdraising, starts with FUN!

I DONT want your money, just your happiness,…

I am both excited and nervous, this damn year has gone by so fast that I am not caught up in all my business goals at all. As of my charts I wanted to have more artists, and more seed money and by now everything together perfectly for a proposed event in April.

I am not currently up to date on what I want done for the store and it is frustrating, the next couple days are going to be excruciating Business writing and realistic goals and marketing plans put into cement.

I actually have two points I want to make in this post, and it may not make any sense to you but here it is.. “I Don’t WANT your money..”

and on the other spectrum I have a very exciting idea for the store for a fundraiser and it requires money…OK how to explain..

Well, honestly you probably have not read anything past scrolling a few seconds on the Blog post page, I don’t blame you, its a lot of content that my head vomit turns into on here, but bear with me, if you scroll down down and way down, you hit the first two or three posts that I made to this blog. Now you’ll see I say in the second one and a very long one at that, (it has nice pics tho..) that its called from Dreams to Reality; my story. I don’t know if anyone TRUELY understands what this means; I am living my Dream everyday, working for myself and not getting paid much.

I could never ask for more than just living for nothing. I have never had much more then nothing, ever. I am not asking to have a boat for a vacation to Jamaica, nor a trip to DisneyWorld, or even to have more money then I know what to do with. God what does that word Vacation even mean? Does that mean that you Hate your life so much that you have to get away from your LOCAL town and spend Vast amounts of money to be HAPPY?

I don’t want that, nor even dream of that. I mean sure I wouldn’t mind going around the world in 80 days, who wouldn’t but I know, I NEVER will. I am not THAT person.

I am that local girl that wants to change the world’s thinking from her own backyard on, who bussed it for 3 years, 3 towns, every week to sometimes not make a dime at the Sebastopol Farmers market just to take a basket of sidewalk chalk and see what that amazing market crowd would create every week, I have pictures that you wouldn’t believe of the artwork produced from my basket of warms my heart.

I thrive for seeing happiness around me, don’t you? When people smile and dance and create art around me and because of something I brought to the that feeling is to DIE for..

(I added some pics below to show you… =) )

I am not in need of some 1million dollar donation to create a mufti-corporate identity to start conning people out of more of their savings,..that’s definitely not what I want. I wouldn’t know what to do with a million dollars, I take that lie back..

I was researching compounds and off-grid communities to live and I came across the best amazing site called Wood-Rats community out of Sebastopol, they even utilized the best marketing ever and had a brief survey to take for their site, I took it and one of the questions is what would you do with that kind of money. Like say 1 million dollars. This is what I would do..

If I had a million dollars I would find a property to start the largest Urban Homesteading/Sustainability Retreat in the nation. With state of the art, herb gardens and seed libraries and best of all, I would offer everything for FREE.

You could barter things you create of course, like these amazing people are doing in Seattle called Backyard Barter.

But most services would be free, I am talking a Library the size of Stanford and an herb propagating by the football fields here.

I would love to offer free bike repair and help people like these innovating tech workshops I have read about that employ/utilize the knowledge of the homeless in bike repair and such to enable the community to have a free bike repair shop..amazing

I would have an amphitheater for a Share Concert every week for local musicians to Share music.

I would have a seed bank the size like no ones seen before and give out heirloom seeds to elementary schools and to senior citizen homes.

I would have so much fresh organic herbs and veggies, that I would have to have a Free CSA to low income people in my area much like the amazing Food Bank here in Fort Bragg.

I would have a MONEY FREE MADE LOCAL, yes a store that you don’t use money,=BARTER, you use what you Create to get other creations..doesn’t that sound amazing…like say my bag of fresh veggies for your fresh made jam from your backyard, my home-drawn recipe book for an exchange of all your favorite recipes to make..sounds nice doesn’t it..

Well I don’t have a million dollars, and I am not too sure but I don’t think I will get that kind of donation without a lot more hard work, but you get my point..right…?!

I don’t want your money. I don’t even want to make money. I am tired of dealing with money, and my journey into dealing with it hasn’t even begun yet. I am sick of anything that has to do with money and I hate numbers, I can barely figure out percentages discounts at the store shopping. I hate shopping with money.

Have you ever been to a Swap or a Barter? Have you ever had that feeling of bagging up a box of items to be swapped locally? Its amazing; “ I am giving my own items away to get more cool things from cool people who don’t want to deal with money.”…if you don’t know that feeling than try to find it.

Its amazing to give and get back locally. I love it.

Ideally I will get 1 million dollars we can all pool together and make this MONEY FREE dream come true, but it would take a million to do so.. in the meantime..

I have a grand Fundraiser idea and I surely will not spoil it, but it is good and the only reason it is good is because my life partner, the marketing guru/ old broadcasting personality, gave me the idea and all the steps to make it happen. I love him so much!

But the key to a successful fundraiser I think is letting you know I do not want your money for myself, never will, never have.

I want us all to have FUN and raise money together for a cause and that cause is togetherness and localism and enabling ourselves, maybe one day we can get off this MONEY trip and turn Mendocino county into a Barter Town, until then lets just have some fun and start this store together!

Donate here and I will keep y’all up to date on the FUNdraiser I am planning.

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