I love Fort Bragg..

I could never ask to live anywhere else in the world!

I am in love with Fort Bragg even though I don’t know much about her. The people and businesses that I do know, are amazing. Everyday I fall more and more in love, and here’s why.

We have the Noyo Food Forest here, the most amazing gardening non-profit I have ever seen before that make it a goal to produce and get Fresh produce to the local schools here.

And we all Band together in times of Trial and Tribulation.

The local brewing company NorthCoast Brewery sponsored our local farm guru who runs the Noyo Food Forest, and paid for her family to have a farm to live. This is the first business to do something like this in the nation.



We also have the Food Bank here which according to a lady I met on the bus the other day, said it was the best food bank in CA because of all the fresh produce it gets from local farms and donations.

I live in a town that supports local food.

We have a Raw food Culinary Institute (Living Light) that uses all fresh local grown food


even a shared kitchen (Chubbys) to make your own food.


We are home to the most amazing pair of women that spirited the Eat Mendocino project, and are still spearheading our Eat Local scene. links above..

We are not slaking on our values here, we value local grown mushrooms, local crafted beer and Wine.



We have annual festivals dedicated to such, but what are we missing?

What do we need that could make us more local, more self-sustainable and more efficient as a community?

We could use a local hub for sure, a place we could all go and meet in downtown Fort Bragg and talk about the things we want to have change and be different in our town.

We need a venue that we feel safe to offer our suggestions and a platform to do it on, where every ones opinion is tolerated and Trolls don’t exist because we see each other face to face.. we need a place that we can have LOCAL thrive.

I would like to see a place similar to a community town hall but better, a place that all things local and all resources come together to be stronger better, and more efficient.

I want a place downtown that anyone can walk in and say, “ Wow, this represents everything Good from Mendocino County,..and I wanna come back!”

I want to showcase artwork, furniture, homemade foods and pantry items, bathroom essentials, kitchen essentials, and everything you could need for your home, down to homesteading advice and classes.

I want to help and support our local makers in the county and enable them to create more for themselves.

I want a place where we can all see how beautiful Mendocino county really is, at a glance, and see it for all its glory and worth, I want a Mendocino County Made Local Marketplace!!!

to donate go here:



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