To live or Not to Live

The commons way of life-By Jay Walljasper says the following

“ So long as the worship of productivity—more stuff, more money, more power, more mobility, more space, more control, more every thing—reigns supreme, we will continue racing down the path of destruction. We must find a new operating system for modern society that will will sustain natural ecosystems at the same time as providing everyone on the planet with food, heath, livelihood and security. Look around…to see a different way of life characterized by sharing and collaboration rather then production for production’s sake. We experience this way of life throughout our lives. Especially when we are enjoying time away from work or shopping…participating in community activities. The commons means ‘what we all share together’ distinct from what we own separately. Greater appreciation for the the commons will help ease the transition to a society less dedicated to production and economic growth.”

Monsanto steals from our natural human commons- By Vandana Shiva

“Today this freedom of nature and culture to evolve is under violent and direct threat. The threat to seed freedom impacts the very fabric of human life and the planet. Not only are corporations like Monsanto claiming patent monopolies on climate resilient seeds, they are claiming monopoly on climate and weather data…The vision of the corporations and sadly the US government is to privatize every aspect of life—our seeds, our biodiversity, the atmospheric commons, and the knowledge of the climate and weather as a public good. It is a fight against corporate enclosure of the commons. If we have to survive as a species, we need to reclaim our commons—of seed, of climate, of knowledge and resist the privatization of every aspect of life.”

Change your life-By Naomi Klein

“Late capitalism teaches us to create ourselves through our consumer choices: shopping is how we form our identities, find community, and express ourselves. Thus telling people they can’t shop as much as they want to because the planets support systems are overburdened can be understood as a kind of attack, akin to telling them that they cannot be themselves…the problem is not just that we are moving too quickly…Noticing subtle changes locally requires a intimate connection to a specific ecosystem. This is not about passing individual judgment, nor about berating ourselves for our shallowness or rootlessness. Rather is about recognizing that we are products of an industrial project, one intimately, historically linked to fossil fuels. ….any advice for Rootless people like me and my friends who lived on our computers and always seemed to be shopping for home, ‘stop somewhere, and begin the thousand year old process of knowing that place.’ order to win this fight of our lives, we all need a place to stand.”


To live or not to live– by Lauren Vier

Now to return to my “self documenting” of my struggles and thoughts. I return to you all in a complete altered state of mind then previous posts and here is why. For the first time in Mendocino County, I am coming to you independently and on my own two feet with my little family. Since April of last year we have been living by the grace of Karma with our family off grid of Fort Bragg, now as of 5-5-14 we are living on our own, paying rent, in Fort Bragg, downtown. Now you may not realize the significance of being on your own two feet, independent of anybody else’s help, you may have been on your own for so long you have forgotten, but this feeling is a significant one. For the first time in me and my life partners life we can afford a place to live and better yet, a decent safe place for our son. Its not just about trying to survive anymore, our life is actually focused on living not just surviving.

I used to think that just trying to survive was a burden, just doing to necessary things to survive was all I ever had to live for. Waking up, getting up, and getting through the day was hard because I never had my own two feet planted firmly on the ground. For the first time in my life, since moving to Mendocino County, I learned a lot about myself, for one I learned I could garden, cultivate and harvest my own food, But not since I moved downtown have I begun to realize how important of a skill it is to have in this new found“de-modernizing” society, To live, learn and survive, you must garden.

I recently read an article in a older issue of popular science called “The Future of Food” talking about a San Francisco, Ca, man who invented a product in a tube called ‘Solent Lean’, that is designed to give us the exact amount of nutrients and vitamins and even carbs and fatty oils that we need instead of consuming REAL FOOD. The quote I cannot get over said “ Instead of the thrice daily burden of cooking, eating and cleaning, we subsidized our food.” How can this be living? Do you cut down the burden of eating, and eat a tube in less than 1 min; for more time for work and shopping? When your treating yourself like a ‘thing’ and just doing the necessary things to survive like consuming nutrients out of a tube, how can you live?

I am sure some people could argue that eliminating the burden of preparing, cooking, eating and cleaning your meals could give them more time to enjoy life, but I cannot for one minute, believe that you cannot enjoy the taste of some foods. You can enjoy the participatory act of gardening for your food, I have seen it in a 3 year old. Gardening may be work, but its the only work that we as humans should be doing on a daily basis.

When you learn the value of planting a seed, growing and cultivating your own food and harvesting it and preparing and cooking it to give yourself the nutrients and passing down that participatory act down to our children, Your actually “living” like thousands and millions of people before you that actually took care of themselves and enjoyed themselves just living.

Its hard to imagine the US government actually encouraging gardening but it was once true, before most corruption on this nation we had ‘victory gardens’ and were told things like ‘the farmers cant grow it all, women grow your own, Can your own and garden for victory.’ Its not a new concept, our great grandmothers were gardening and we have just gotten too caught up into our modern society to remember how valuable it is to know and teach our children.

If we all take it upon ourselves to ‘live’ more, gardening, participating in more community and more collective cultural and common acts that is the only way that we can LIVE and not just survive. We should be showing our children the steps to live; gardening our food, preserving our food, making things, and being more commonly aware of living and not just surviving and sure as hell not consuming our liquid food/nutrients out of a tube in less than a min.

I propose as I have always been since moving here, (but more solid on my feet now) a more ‘common community’ and I think a crucial step in creating that community is showing everyone that we are all participating in life, creating and making things that make life easier and more enjoyable and help us all to LIVE.

Having a Mendocino Made Local storefront to prove to the world we are participating in living, by creating everything we need to survive locally.

I guess in this low context, technology driven, artificial life and 3d printed organ culture…

“To live or not to live” is the question.  


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