I took a break from the internet, and came to find most of all that I don’t need it.

The validation should come from people in person, my efforts should all not be virtual.

What have I done in the meantime,I’ve gotten a small glimpse of my community, its threaded and bound together by trust and openness. It’s hidden, its barely exposed, but when it came out, it was beautiful and rare and picturesque, not even a camera could capture it. How it feels to be part of a thriving ‘good’ community, its indescribable.

I feel like an outsider who is only accepted because I took my first 9 months off grid working my ass off to survive. Only now really ‘Living’ trying to find our place in the hive. I am consoled daily by the ocean, and I don’t even care if I get swallowed up in a tsunami on doomsday, because I will be with my family, relaxed and comfortable.  written June 17th, 2014

the following is a peom written that same day…

“The longer you keep something to yourself,

Hold it in your hand, Your heart, Your Mind,

The longer you give thought to something,

And weight it down with your criticism,

And the more you feed it with your own creativity and pondering,

The longer you have that special something,

The more it grows in value to you.

The moment you “Share” it and some body

else doesn’t give it the SAME validation,

The more it sits in a ‘internet limbo’,

And even you dont give it the thought it used to have,

The more it loses its value and no longer is worth anything to you…

“Share” Duplicates make copies,

Stop giving the internet your whole life,

Before its Gone and you have nothing to prove YOU.”

More to come asap, mainly just trying to keep on trucking and trying to stay motivated to keep promoting the store, next up business cards to hand out and more fliers to put around town,..alas thine efforts shall not be all virtual… ❤ lauren


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