Hope For A Better Future…

The Mendocino Made Local Marketplace idea is more than a dream to me, its hope for a better future.
When a new town accepts the possibility of thriving well on a community-based-economy through having a Made Local Marketplace /Local economy center such as the Share Exchange in Santa Rosa,CA, it gives the whole town more opportunities for Change. And that is positive change, change that is by the people for the people. Positive change comes when a community welcomes the fact that it needs open arms and open minds, new ideas and forward thinking to survive. Intuitive, Innovative and creative people. In order to start a place we need to work together.
In order to show our children the know-how of “Making” that is actually; DIY, homemade, handcrafted and homemade, is actually beneficial and essential to our human survival. And when we all show our children more teachings towards collectively-common ideas that are essential to our individual human survival, such as gardening, food preserving, clothes making, book making, soap making,wood crafting, and of course #1 to have a creative mind, they are more likely to survive themselves.
I propose a Made local Marketplace in every district of a town, any place that has its own distinct region and taste and individuality, and a Local Economy Center as well. When we all live in the same region and districts, we begin to think and be creative together, we grow together and learn together, we should be able to thrive together also, and in the best way possible and having both of these places in a town helps it do so.
Its more than just a Made local Marketplace and even more than a Local Economy Center, its actually A NEW FUTURE. A better future the kind that they talk about in the video here,

Not the bigger, faster, “More” future. We need to be working towards a more efficient, more green and more healthy future for both us and the planet. And we all know that some of our officials have thrown our cities/states in the unhealthy planet direction and the only way that you can do anything about it is work for change together.
Now a local economy center brings together people who want change and want a better future, a brighter tomorrow and then we can have children we don’t have to be worried about. In my ideal future our children will run the district marketplaces without money and barter their homemade goods for the same value home-crafted items and the lesser 99% world would be without the greed of corporations and such because we would “Make” everything we needed. And know how to be without most the material things that we thrive on electronically today. We would have a generation of the most resourceful creative survivalists and also the earth would be a urban homesteading paradise.
I worry about our largest earth mother, and second about how I will leave an impression on my child, and the only thing I think that we need to survive is stick together and go back to our roots of Making and creating and living off what our Region provides for us. I know that one day that a lot more people will know that they want to live more locally and regionally responsible for their actions and also want to invest more locally. I think that the best way to start opening up more district Made local Marketplaces, resulting in having even less local retail and even commercial leakage and more local money.
The sooner I can get more help in investing in starting the Second Local Economy Center in the nation, and the Mendocino Made local Marketplace here in Fort Bragg, Ca, the sooner that we can pave the path for a nation of More Centers and Markets across the world. I know that we can actually have a thriving Mendocino County Marketplace because just a tiny dip into the sea of makers and I am already swimming in half the merchandise I would need for a small shop, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Regions like Mendocino County should also have smaller district shops, for all the diversity of local products that are produced in each town. But we have to start somewhere and I think why not better than the heart of Fort Bragg, and already a wonderful thriving community with leaders such as the eat local Mendocino pair of girls paving the way to local food activism with their farms and fundraisers. I certainly picked a great region to start with.
I do need a whole lot of community teamwork to pull this off, such as help with fundraising efforts and start-up expenses, and especially community volunteers to help get things going…I am only one woman. I am never going to give up on my dream of a better future and a better life for my son and I hope that we can all join together and create a dream of sustainability and creativity.
Please help me with some start up expenses for very soon I will be planning a fundraiser and it only takes a small investment for a large reward if I can have a successful fundraiser, and then we can have the location downtown of our dreams to start the center and the store.
-Hope keeps you alive.
–Lauren Vier


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