Now that all my dreams are coming true, now what?

So I have been compelled to write something for quite a while. I have had a breakthrough for the store in the form of the all time best thing happening for it; the store manifesting itself into Life in a brick and mortar building, as a pop up.
Its every small business entrepreneurs dream come true, yet I feel I am missing one thing and that is my business plan reworked for the new location. I am faced with a challenge yet blessing, obstacle yet also an achievement in finding a working willing location in Mendocino CA, not Fort Bragg, CA. This is of course after I ordered my first round of business cards reflecting the latter, but we can work with those, all 250 of them.
Yes, I finally found a location! And non other then the Mendocino county’s one interactive community art personality runs it already, I am excited! Before I go ‘name’ crazy I will not announce location yet, or with whom I partnered with until things are set in stone Oct 28th, 2014. But to say the least after a yr and a half working on the Mendo Made Local plan, its finally manifesting into reality!!
I only hope that all the ‘Makers’ of Mendocino county are still interested in working with a made local marketplace, because now when I email them all it will be with these 3 amazing words…” Are you ready?”


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