They will say your crazy.
They will say there is no possible way.
They will overtake your inner most thoughts of success, and try and make you feel worthless.
They will always focus on your flaws.
They will never recognize your accomplishment.
They will never see how much work you do.
They will never know what you sacrificed to be here.
They will never tell you, your doing enough.
They will always have something bad to say.
They will continue to try and break you down,
Pointing out everything you have not done,
everything you have done wrong,
Everything you have not done on time.
They will say everything you do is never enough.
They will make sure to kick you while your down,
They will never be your support.
They will never understand,
That you have sacrificed your life, your sanity,
your every waking moment to be pursuing a dream,
That most everyone around you sees as impossible,
Never to fruit because your not worthy.
I will never give in to THEM.
I know what I am doing is right,
I know that everything I do is not timed and I am doing the best I can.
The hardest thing is to not give in to THEM.


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