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They will say your crazy.
They will say there is no possible way.
They will overtake your inner most thoughts of success, and try and make you feel worthless.
They will always focus on your flaws.
They will never recognize your accomplishment.
They will never see how much work you do.
They will never know what you sacrificed to be here.
They will never tell you, your doing enough.
They will always have something bad to say.
They will continue to try and break you down,
Pointing out everything you have not done,
everything you have done wrong,
Everything you have not done on time.
They will say everything you do is never enough.
They will make sure to kick you while your down,
They will never be your support.
They will never understand,
That you have sacrificed your life, your sanity,
your every waking moment to be pursuing a dream,
That most everyone around you sees as impossible,
Never to fruit because your not worthy.
I will never give in to THEM.
I know what I am doing is right,
I know that everything I do is not timed and I am doing the best I can.
The hardest thing is to not give in to THEM.


Now that all my dreams are coming true, now what?

So I have been compelled to write something for quite a while. I have had a breakthrough for the store in the form of the all time best thing happening for it; the store manifesting itself into Life in a brick and mortar building, as a pop up.
Its every small business entrepreneurs dream come true, yet I feel I am missing one thing and that is my business plan reworked for the new location. I am faced with a challenge yet blessing, obstacle yet also an achievement in finding a working willing location in Mendocino CA, not Fort Bragg, CA. This is of course after I ordered my first round of business cards reflecting the latter, but we can work with those, all 250 of them.
Yes, I finally found a location! And non other then the Mendocino county’s one interactive community art personality runs it already, I am excited! Before I go ‘name’ crazy I will not announce location yet, or with whom I partnered with until things are set in stone Oct 28th, 2014. But to say the least after a yr and a half working on the Mendo Made Local plan, its finally manifesting into reality!!
I only hope that all the ‘Makers’ of Mendocino county are still interested in working with a made local marketplace, because now when I email them all it will be with these 3 amazing words…” Are you ready?”

Hope For A Better Future…

The Mendocino Made Local Marketplace idea is more than a dream to me, its hope for a better future.
When a new town accepts the possibility of thriving well on a community-based-economy through having a Made Local Marketplace /Local economy center such as the Share Exchange in Santa Rosa,CA, it gives the whole town more opportunities for Change. And that is positive change, change that is by the people for the people. Positive change comes when a community welcomes the fact that it needs open arms and open minds, new ideas and forward thinking to survive. Intuitive, Innovative and creative people. In order to start a place we need to work together.
In order to show our children the know-how of “Making” that is actually; DIY, homemade, handcrafted and homemade, is actually beneficial and essential to our human survival. And when we all show our children more teachings towards collectively-common ideas that are essential to our individual human survival, such as gardening, food preserving, clothes making, book making, soap making,wood crafting, and of course #1 to have a creative mind, they are more likely to survive themselves.
I propose a Made local Marketplace in every district of a town, any place that has its own distinct region and taste and individuality, and a Local Economy Center as well. When we all live in the same region and districts, we begin to think and be creative together, we grow together and learn together, we should be able to thrive together also, and in the best way possible and having both of these places in a town helps it do so.
Its more than just a Made local Marketplace and even more than a Local Economy Center, its actually A NEW FUTURE. A better future the kind that they talk about in the video here,

Not the bigger, faster, “More” future. We need to be working towards a more efficient, more green and more healthy future for both us and the planet. And we all know that some of our officials have thrown our cities/states in the unhealthy planet direction and the only way that you can do anything about it is work for change together.
Now a local economy center brings together people who want change and want a better future, a brighter tomorrow and then we can have children we don’t have to be worried about. In my ideal future our children will run the district marketplaces without money and barter their homemade goods for the same value home-crafted items and the lesser 99% world would be without the greed of corporations and such because we would “Make” everything we needed. And know how to be without most the material things that we thrive on electronically today. We would have a generation of the most resourceful creative survivalists and also the earth would be a urban homesteading paradise.
I worry about our largest earth mother, and second about how I will leave an impression on my child, and the only thing I think that we need to survive is stick together and go back to our roots of Making and creating and living off what our Region provides for us. I know that one day that a lot more people will know that they want to live more locally and regionally responsible for their actions and also want to invest more locally. I think that the best way to start opening up more district Made local Marketplaces, resulting in having even less local retail and even commercial leakage and more local money.
The sooner I can get more help in investing in starting the Second Local Economy Center in the nation, and the Mendocino Made local Marketplace here in Fort Bragg, Ca, the sooner that we can pave the path for a nation of More Centers and Markets across the world. I know that we can actually have a thriving Mendocino County Marketplace because just a tiny dip into the sea of makers and I am already swimming in half the merchandise I would need for a small shop, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Regions like Mendocino County should also have smaller district shops, for all the diversity of local products that are produced in each town. But we have to start somewhere and I think why not better than the heart of Fort Bragg, and already a wonderful thriving community with leaders such as the eat local Mendocino pair of girls paving the way to local food activism with their farms and fundraisers. I certainly picked a great region to start with.
I do need a whole lot of community teamwork to pull this off, such as help with fundraising efforts and start-up expenses, and especially community volunteers to help get things going…I am only one woman. I am never going to give up on my dream of a better future and a better life for my son and I hope that we can all join together and create a dream of sustainability and creativity.
Please help me with some start up expenses for very soon I will be planning a fundraiser and it only takes a small investment for a large reward if I can have a successful fundraiser, and then we can have the location downtown of our dreams to start the center and the store.
-Hope keeps you alive.
–Lauren Vier


I took a break from the internet, and came to find most of all that I don’t need it.

The validation should come from people in person, my efforts should all not be virtual.

What have I done in the meantime,I’ve gotten a small glimpse of my community, its threaded and bound together by trust and openness. It’s hidden, its barely exposed, but when it came out, it was beautiful and rare and picturesque, not even a camera could capture it. How it feels to be part of a thriving ‘good’ community, its indescribable.

I feel like an outsider who is only accepted because I took my first 9 months off grid working my ass off to survive. Only now really ‘Living’ trying to find our place in the hive. I am consoled daily by the ocean, and I don’t even care if I get swallowed up in a tsunami on doomsday, because I will be with my family, relaxed and comfortable.  written June 17th, 2014

the following is a peom written that same day…

“The longer you keep something to yourself,

Hold it in your hand, Your heart, Your Mind,

The longer you give thought to something,

And weight it down with your criticism,

And the more you feed it with your own creativity and pondering,

The longer you have that special something,

The more it grows in value to you.

The moment you “Share” it and some body

else doesn’t give it the SAME validation,

The more it sits in a ‘internet limbo’,

And even you dont give it the thought it used to have,

The more it loses its value and no longer is worth anything to you…

“Share” Duplicates make copies,

Stop giving the internet your whole life,

Before its Gone and you have nothing to prove YOU.”

More to come asap, mainly just trying to keep on trucking and trying to stay motivated to keep promoting the store, next up business cards to hand out and more fliers to put around town,..alas thine efforts shall not be all virtual… ❤ lauren

To live or Not to Live

The commons way of life-By Jay Walljasper says the following

“ So long as the worship of productivity—more stuff, more money, more power, more mobility, more space, more control, more every thing—reigns supreme, we will continue racing down the path of destruction. We must find a new operating system for modern society that will will sustain natural ecosystems at the same time as providing everyone on the planet with food, heath, livelihood and security. Look around…to see a different way of life characterized by sharing and collaboration rather then production for production’s sake. We experience this way of life throughout our lives. Especially when we are enjoying time away from work or shopping…participating in community activities. The commons means ‘what we all share together’ distinct from what we own separately. Greater appreciation for the the commons will help ease the transition to a society less dedicated to production and economic growth.”

Monsanto steals from our natural human commons- By Vandana Shiva

“Today this freedom of nature and culture to evolve is under violent and direct threat. The threat to seed freedom impacts the very fabric of human life and the planet. Not only are corporations like Monsanto claiming patent monopolies on climate resilient seeds, they are claiming monopoly on climate and weather data…The vision of the corporations and sadly the US government is to privatize every aspect of life—our seeds, our biodiversity, the atmospheric commons, and the knowledge of the climate and weather as a public good. It is a fight against corporate enclosure of the commons. If we have to survive as a species, we need to reclaim our commons—of seed, of climate, of knowledge and resist the privatization of every aspect of life.”

Change your life-By Naomi Klein

“Late capitalism teaches us to create ourselves through our consumer choices: shopping is how we form our identities, find community, and express ourselves. Thus telling people they can’t shop as much as they want to because the planets support systems are overburdened can be understood as a kind of attack, akin to telling them that they cannot be themselves…the problem is not just that we are moving too quickly…Noticing subtle changes locally requires a intimate connection to a specific ecosystem. This is not about passing individual judgment, nor about berating ourselves for our shallowness or rootlessness. Rather is about recognizing that we are products of an industrial project, one intimately, historically linked to fossil fuels. ….any advice for Rootless people like me and my friends who lived on our computers and always seemed to be shopping for home, ‘stop somewhere, and begin the thousand year old process of knowing that place.’ order to win this fight of our lives, we all need a place to stand.”


To live or not to live– by Lauren Vier

Now to return to my “self documenting” of my struggles and thoughts. I return to you all in a complete altered state of mind then previous posts and here is why. For the first time in Mendocino County, I am coming to you independently and on my own two feet with my little family. Since April of last year we have been living by the grace of Karma with our family off grid of Fort Bragg, now as of 5-5-14 we are living on our own, paying rent, in Fort Bragg, downtown. Now you may not realize the significance of being on your own two feet, independent of anybody else’s help, you may have been on your own for so long you have forgotten, but this feeling is a significant one. For the first time in me and my life partners life we can afford a place to live and better yet, a decent safe place for our son. Its not just about trying to survive anymore, our life is actually focused on living not just surviving.

I used to think that just trying to survive was a burden, just doing to necessary things to survive was all I ever had to live for. Waking up, getting up, and getting through the day was hard because I never had my own two feet planted firmly on the ground. For the first time in my life, since moving to Mendocino County, I learned a lot about myself, for one I learned I could garden, cultivate and harvest my own food, But not since I moved downtown have I begun to realize how important of a skill it is to have in this new found“de-modernizing” society, To live, learn and survive, you must garden.

I recently read an article in a older issue of popular science called “The Future of Food” talking about a San Francisco, Ca, man who invented a product in a tube called ‘Solent Lean’, that is designed to give us the exact amount of nutrients and vitamins and even carbs and fatty oils that we need instead of consuming REAL FOOD. The quote I cannot get over said “ Instead of the thrice daily burden of cooking, eating and cleaning, we subsidized our food.” How can this be living? Do you cut down the burden of eating, and eat a tube in less than 1 min; for more time for work and shopping? When your treating yourself like a ‘thing’ and just doing the necessary things to survive like consuming nutrients out of a tube, how can you live?

I am sure some people could argue that eliminating the burden of preparing, cooking, eating and cleaning your meals could give them more time to enjoy life, but I cannot for one minute, believe that you cannot enjoy the taste of some foods. You can enjoy the participatory act of gardening for your food, I have seen it in a 3 year old. Gardening may be work, but its the only work that we as humans should be doing on a daily basis.

When you learn the value of planting a seed, growing and cultivating your own food and harvesting it and preparing and cooking it to give yourself the nutrients and passing down that participatory act down to our children, Your actually “living” like thousands and millions of people before you that actually took care of themselves and enjoyed themselves just living.

Its hard to imagine the US government actually encouraging gardening but it was once true, before most corruption on this nation we had ‘victory gardens’ and were told things like ‘the farmers cant grow it all, women grow your own, Can your own and garden for victory.’ Its not a new concept, our great grandmothers were gardening and we have just gotten too caught up into our modern society to remember how valuable it is to know and teach our children.

If we all take it upon ourselves to ‘live’ more, gardening, participating in more community and more collective cultural and common acts that is the only way that we can LIVE and not just survive. We should be showing our children the steps to live; gardening our food, preserving our food, making things, and being more commonly aware of living and not just surviving and sure as hell not consuming our liquid food/nutrients out of a tube in less than a min.

I propose as I have always been since moving here, (but more solid on my feet now) a more ‘common community’ and I think a crucial step in creating that community is showing everyone that we are all participating in life, creating and making things that make life easier and more enjoyable and help us all to LIVE.

Having a Mendocino Made Local storefront to prove to the world we are participating in living, by creating everything we need to survive locally.

I guess in this low context, technology driven, artificial life and 3d printed organ culture…

“To live or not to live” is the question.  

Fort Bragg’s Local Community Development

How trying Destination Branding could improve Fort Bragg’s Community

by Lauren Vier

I have now got to experience Fort Bragg, and begun to notice it’s largest flaw of all is of its personal marketing. No offense, anyone working on marketing already, I am only suggesting something new, more community branding.

For Example the City of Sebastopol hired in 2006 a large marketing company called North Star Destination Strategies to develop their Community Branding. Here is what their Branding report says about North Star Destination Strategies, that they are the ONLY branding company to offer destinations a combination of research, strategy and creative results. “Community BrandPrint”- provides direction for the destinations brand development..the resulting brand personality is as revealing as an individual’s fingerprint, and just as unique. Through Community BrandPrint, they determine a city’s most relevant and distinct promise. From that promise, they create a positioning philosophy that generates a brand identity in the minds of visitors, residents and economic development influencers. They then develop brand-building ideas and effective communication, all of which reinforce the positioning and ensure brand equity and growth. They break it down the results into four stages; Understanding, Insights, Imagination, and Evaluation. The report can be found here:

By looking at Sebastopol’s Community Branding Development we can have a model to develop Fort Bragg’s Local Community Branding to be built by ourselves. We can get the same demographic research and local insights by surveying our residents and stakeholders and businesses.

I have a feeling we will come up with the very similar results as they did. They did very specific research into the perceptions of everyone in town as well as Demographic Segmentation into the kind of shopping that was done in Sebastopol to come up with a profile of the town and how people feel about it. If Fort Bragg did more Community Branding Development than our local communty state could change and we would be viewed a whole lot better for taking our community development more seriously.

I propose that the City of Fort Bragg goes through this individual community branding and research into perception of our community in order to improve our town’s look and feel and overall Destination marketing for the better. There is so much more to the coast and Fort Bragg that the, has to offer. Really, Plan your trip, where to stay, where to eat, where to shop, what to do. Is that all? Where is the community? Where is the knowledge of what we stand for as a community and of the things that we want to change in the world?

The only way we can be a community or start to transform Fort Bragg’s neighborhoods into communities would be to start with community branding.

I say the only way that we can have a better understanding of ourselves and have more local economic development and less retail leakage and less people buying 90% of their things off amazon is simple reevaluating the things that we hold high as a city.

Things like Community awareness, Food security and local economic development and supporting things produced in our county should be #1 priorities I think.

I think the greatest and best example of our unique community is shown through in our non profit organizations in town. The Noyo Food Forest, our amazing Food Bank and the great work that is done through NCO and West Co. Without the encouragement of these businesses and having them a part of our existing neighborhoods already, I would never be working so hard to have a community here.



I love Fort Bragg..

I could never ask to live anywhere else in the world!

I am in love with Fort Bragg even though I don’t know much about her. The people and businesses that I do know, are amazing. Everyday I fall more and more in love, and here’s why.

We have the Noyo Food Forest here, the most amazing gardening non-profit I have ever seen before that make it a goal to produce and get Fresh produce to the local schools here.

And we all Band together in times of Trial and Tribulation.

The local brewing company NorthCoast Brewery sponsored our local farm guru who runs the Noyo Food Forest, and paid for her family to have a farm to live. This is the first business to do something like this in the nation.

We also have the Food Bank here which according to a lady I met on the bus the other day, said it was the best food bank in CA because of all the fresh produce it gets from local farms and donations.

I live in a town that supports local food.

We have a Raw food Culinary Institute (Living Light) that uses all fresh local grown food

even a shared kitchen (Chubbys) to make your own food.

We are home to the most amazing pair of women that spirited the Eat Mendocino project, and are still spearheading our Eat Local scene. links above..

We are not slaking on our values here, we value local grown mushrooms, local crafted beer and Wine.

We have annual festivals dedicated to such, but what are we missing?

What do we need that could make us more local, more self-sustainable and more efficient as a community?

We could use a local hub for sure, a place we could all go and meet in downtown Fort Bragg and talk about the things we want to have change and be different in our town.

We need a venue that we feel safe to offer our suggestions and a platform to do it on, where every ones opinion is tolerated and Trolls don’t exist because we see each other face to face.. we need a place that we can have LOCAL thrive.

I would like to see a place similar to a community town hall but better, a place that all things local and all resources come together to be stronger better, and more efficient.

I want a place downtown that anyone can walk in and say, “ Wow, this represents everything Good from Mendocino County,..and I wanna come back!”

I want to showcase artwork, furniture, homemade foods and pantry items, bathroom essentials, kitchen essentials, and everything you could need for your home, down to homesteading advice and classes.

I want to help and support our local makers in the county and enable them to create more for themselves.

I want a place where we can all see how beautiful Mendocino county really is, at a glance, and see it for all its glory and worth, I want a Mendocino County Made Local Marketplace!!!

to donate go here: